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Getting local, getting vocal

Sticking with local issues, we have an election coming up for our local council here in Lewisham. I discovered this because the form for the all-postal election dropped through my letterbox the other day.

If I’d really been paying attention, I’d have known about this previously. You see, one of the candidates has been campaigning vigourously for the last few weeks, although I hadn’t paid him much attention. Now I know that the election is happening, I’ve actually been reading his material and, much to my surprise, it’s rather good. This guy has identified all the things that have been bugging Lorna and I about this area and is addressing them in his campaign. In fact, they pretty much are his campaign.

So, what of the other candidates? I don’t know. I haven’t heard a single thing from them. Not one letter, leaflet or door knock. Nothing. You know what? Unless they pull something really spectacular out of their collective hats, the guy that’s been doing the work already has my vote. He’s local. He’s in touch with the local issues that matter. And he’s a Liberal Democrat. I’ve never voted LibDem before, but Mr Andrew Milton, you might just have persuaded me to lose my liberal virginity.

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Adam Tinworth   Adam Tinworth

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