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I publish a range of newsletters to serve the interests of different groups β€” and because I enjoy it!

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One Man & His Blog

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Engaged Reading Time

Three links a day, every day. Just intersting stuff to read, to lose yourself in β€” or to learn from. And none of them are going to be about the novel coronavirus during the current lockdown.

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Engaged Reading Time - Revue
Three interesting articles a day. None of them about Covid-19.

Osprey Weekly

A weekly digest of news about ospreys - a species that was driven to extinction in the UK and parts of Europe, but which has slowly been reestablishing itself with some help from mankind.

This is a round-up of news from the livestreamed nests, the known osprey sites β€” and other relevant news.


The Osprey Weekly
A weekly digest of news about Ospreys from around the web, with a focus on UK nests and birds.

Coming Soon

Coffee & Complexity

A weekly essay about embracing complexity, not hiding in simple (and simplistic) solutions.

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Coffee & Complexity
A newsletter about embracing complexity, not hiding from it.