Over the last decade, I’ve trained countless journalists in the core skills of online journalism. I’ve worked with everybody from senior editors of national newspapers, to students preparing for the beginnings of their career in journalism.

I offer a range of courses to help your do better journalism or publishing – and can create bespoke courses to suit your organisation’s needs.

Here’s a sample of what I offer:

Social Media for Editorial

I’ve been training journalists to use social media effectively since the days before it was called social media. I’m a visiting lecturer at City University in London, when my specialism is working with students on social media and content strategy. Recent students have gone onto jobs including social media editor of the Manchester Evening News, social media producer for the World Economic Forum, and deputy social media editor for Metro.

The world is not short of people offering social media training. The difference I bring is over a decade’s experience – and a deep understanding of the interplay between social media and content of all types.

Current Courses

  • Mastering Social Media – a three hour evening course in Brighton, devoted to getting to grips with the right social media for your work and developing a plan to get you started.

Social Media in Use

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation)

Search still drives around 35% of traffic across the editorial web – and has changed dramatically in the past few years. If you’re still relying on SEO advice or training from five years ago, you could be doing your site more harm than good.

My training is targeted squaring at the working journalist or content creator, giving them the skills they need to integrate SEO thinking into their work, making it more likely that their content will get read.

Current Courses

  • SEO Essentials – a three hour evening course in Brighton, aimed at giving working writers and editors all the skills they need to boost the search presence of their work.
  • SEO for Journalists – a full day course, giving both practical and strategic skills for understanding the role of SEO in online editorial.


Understanding and using analytics to inform and improve your work – without letting it dictate your work – is one of the key skills of creating content online. And it’s badly under- or mis-used in many places. This is one of my “passion” courses – a subject I passionately believe in, and believe can have – and has had – a huge impact in workplaces I’ve trained and consulted for.

My course are designed for working writers and editors to get the core skills they need to make analytics and experimentation a core part of the way they work.

Current Courses

  • Analytics Essentials – an evening course, giving working journalists, editors and other website owners the basic skills they need to understand their audience and set a strategy for developing it.
  • Analytics for Journalists –  a full-day course, bringing together all you need to both analyse the success of your work, the develop that success, and to managed analytics as a strategic part of your business.

Bespoke and In-House Training

I’ve provided bespoke in-house training for organisations as diverse as:

  • The Telegraph
  • The Times
  • The Financial Times
  • Autotrader
  • The Straits Times
  • Amnesty International
  • The Institute of Physics Publishing

If you want to discuss your particular in-house training needs, please feel free to drop me a line, and we can discuss further. I’m always happy to build bespoke courses for any only publishing need.