A break in a training course I delivered to magazine journalists in Sinagpore. 

Digital Journalism Training

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Over the last 15 years, I’ve trained countless journalists, PRs and marketers in the core skills of online content creation and strategy. I’ve worked with everybody from senior leadership teams of national newspapers, to students preparing for the beginnings of their career in journalism.

I offer a range of courses to help you do better journalism or publishing – and can create bespoke courses to suit your organisation’s needs.

Here’s a sample of what I offer:

Core Digital Journalism Skills

The strategies, skills and formats of digital publishing are changing all the time, and you have to learn to adapt. These baseline courses are designed to give you the core skills you need to work in the online environment, to customise what you do to your target audience, and to learn to adapt as changes happen.

These are the essential skills that all online content producers should have:

Current Courses

Digital journalism bootcamp
This intensive four-session online bootcamp will show you how to create outstanding digital content, master web analytics and hone your multimedia skills
Essential SEO skills for media professionals (intensive)
This intensive online course taking place over two, three-hour Zoom sessions will teach you how to use SEO to plan, develop and optimise articles to find readers through Google and other search engines
Essential analytics for media professionals
This four-week online course for journalists, publishers, PRs and all online communications professionals will teach you how to use analytics to assess the success of existing content and develop ideas and stories that gain more readers

Digital, Audience and Content Strategy Courses

These courses are targetted at people at a slightly higher level in their organisation, and explore the latest thinking in two critical fields:

  • content strategy — what you publish, where you publish it and how you choose the best platforms for your audience
  • audience engagement strategy — which deals with finding and building deeper relationships with the audience you need to business your business.

Current Courses

Online content strategy for journalists
A four-week online course to help you navigate questions around timing, format and content styles in the digital age
Audience engagement strategies
This online course taking place over four 90-minute Zoom sessions will bring you the latest thinking on audience development from across the journalism world — and beyond — in order to build a sustainable and realistic growth strategy for your publication

Specific Digital Journalism Creation Skills

The newest addition to my range of training are a couple of new courses designed to give you the technical and creative skills to make the most of two major new  formats in digital:

  • Social video — short videos designed explicitly to be watched in people's social media feeds, and which have very different characteristics from traditional video
  • Newsletters — now going through a renaissance as both a product offering and as a critical part of our audience engagement infrastructure.

Current Courses

Creating compelling newsletters
This four-week online course will give you the tools to create your own engaging online newsletter
Creating social video
One-day course which will teach you how to start producing your own social videos quickly and efficiently

Social Media in Use

Bespoke and In-House Training

I’ve provided bespoke in-house training for organisations as diverse as:

  • The Telegraph
  • The Times
  • The Financial Times
  • Autotrader
  • The Straits Times
  • Nursing Standard
  • Emap
  • Amnesty International
  • The Institute of Physics Publishing

If you want to discuss your particular in-house training needs, please feel free to drop me a line, and we can discuss further. I’m always happy to build bespoke courses for any other publishing need.