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Public Resources

Reporting on COVID-19 and the novel coronavirus: resources for journalists
As ever, First Draft should be your first stop in seperating the fact from themisinformation: Tips for reporting on Covid-19 and slowing the spread of misinformationAs theworld looks for timely, accurate news about the novel coronavirus, how canjournalists best provide their audiences the inform…
Podcasts for Journalists
A crowdsourced list of podcasts about journalism or of interest to journalists
Recommended newsletters for journalists
Given how important newsletters have become to journalism in recent years, it’s no surprise that there are a proliferating number of newsletters about journalism. I subscribe to many of them for obvious reasons, and the ones listed below are a personal set of recommendations — these are the ones I p…
Social Video Resources
This is a new version of my training notes. Rather than the usual PDFs andeBooks I create, I’ve built this as a series of webpages that I can continuallyupdate. This field is changing so fast that just putting up a set of staticfiles will render them obsolete too quickly. So, please bookmark thi…
Multimedia Feature Examples
Interesting multimedia features that have caught my attention over the last few years.

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Newsletter Resources
Case StudiesHow Morning Brew grew to $13m in revenue with 33 employees - DigidayMorningBrewmore than tripled its revenue in 2019 by launching several new newsletters andaudio products. In 2020, it plans on doing the same.Kayleigh BarberDigiday[…
Essential Analytics
A guide to using analytics successfully in your journalism and publishing.
SEO - the basics
Notes from the Essential SEO course and other SEO guidance