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Reporting on COVID-19 and the novel coronavirus: resources for journalists
As ever, First Draft should be your first stop in seperating the fact from the misinformation: Tips for reporting on Covid-19 and slowing the spread of misinformationAs the world looks for timely, accurate news about the novel coronavirus, how can journalists best provide their audiences the inform…
Podcasts for Journalists
A crowdsourced list of podcasts about journalism or of interest to journalists
Social Video Resources
This is a new version of my training notes. Rather than the usual PDFs and eBooks I create, I’ve built this as a series of webpages that I can continually update. This field is changing so fast that just putting up a set of static files will render them obsolete too quickly. So, please bookmark thi…
Multimedia Feature Examples
Interesting multimedia features that have caught my attention over the last few years.

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Essential Analytics
A guide to using analytics successfully in your journalism and publishing.
SEO - the basics
Notes from the Essential SEO course and other SEO guidance