Multimedia Feature Examples

Interesting multimedia features that have caught my attention over the last few years.
Multimedia Feature Examples

The Long View — sparse but effective use of multimedia elements, as you might expect from The New Yorker.

Lessons from Hurricane Harvey — nice uses of galleries and interactives

Everything Water Touches

M29 – Berlins Buslinie der großen Unterschiede – A really complete interactive mix, You need to speak German to really appreciate it, though.

Rise of the MegaFarm — nice example of a simpler multimedia feature from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism

How to Fix a Toilet — Better than it sounds. Honest.

Shrinking cities - Stories from China’s former boomtowns
China is well known for its megacities, and we’re used to thinking of the country’s urban areas in the context of growth, but is that the whole story?
Life after slavery
Three survivors, three countries, three struggles. Follow the journeys of Nasima, Mbarka and Moises in #LifeAfterSlavery via @TRF_Stories
The end of our innocence
A Stuff special report on the Christchurch mosque shootings
Fifty years on, the Aberfan disaster told by the people who were there
Many are telling their stories publicly for the first time.
How China Turned a City Into a Prison
Children are interrogated. Neighbors become informants. Mosques are monitored. Cameras are everywhere.
Reading Boris Johnson’s mind: unique analysis reveals what the PM really thinks
We know what politicians say in soundbites and speeches, but it can be harder to know what they really think, and more importantly what they used to think before they reached high office. In Boris...
How Does the Human Soul Survive Atrocity?
After the horror of ISIS captivity, tens of thousands of Iraqis — many of them children — are caught up in a mental-health crisis unlike any in the world.
How Scientology doubled its downtown Clearwater footprint in 3 years
The mysterious deals could reshape downtown Clearwater.
Thirty Years of Game Boy
We celebrate the Game Boy’s 30th anniversary with Andy Robertson
Work done by a former City student. 
A closer look at the ravaged Notre Dame Cathedral
The fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral damaged its roof and spire, but some of its treasures survived. Here’s an up-close look.