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In parallel with my training work, I offer tailored and practical consultancy on the core elements of digital publishing and digital communications, built on a decade and a half of working with a huge range of businesses. I played this role internally at Reed Business Information from 2006 to 2011, and have been working as an independent consultant since 2012.

In essence, my job is to keep abreast of the latest development and trends in digital, track the development of successful strategies, and help you apply them to your own work. I don't offer "off the shelf" packages - I prefer to work with clients to figure out what their own specific needs are. Over the past 15 years, it's become very clear to me that the answers tend to be different for every organization, and that standard approaches rarely pay dividends.

Where audience engagement meets content strategy

My work focuses on the intersection of audience engagement and content strategy. To strip the jargon out, I help people figure out what they need to say, where they need to say it, who they need to say it to and what forms that communication needs to take.

That involves elements of:

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