Live Event Coverage

Want liveblogging, scribing or sketchnotes for your live event? In partnership with Drawnalism, we have the perfect solution.

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Back in 2006, I started liveblogging conferences on One Man & His Blog, starting with the first Le Web that December, and in the years since have refined the skill to an artform. I now offer this as a service to event organizers, looking to make the most of their content. In particular, I often work in partnership with other businesses to provide a range of event live capture services, using the latest digital tools to help amplify the message you are trying to get to attendees, clients or staff.

Words alone are rarely enough and, while I often produce my own photos to support the liveblogging, I'm also lucky enough to work alongside the leading real time graphic recording company, to provide a full-service live event capture service.

In the moment Event Live Capture

In partnership with the talented folks at Drawnalism, we produce near real-time capture of the content of conference sessions, both with full posts capturing the content and pieces of drawnalism creating a graphic record of the event. We'll commit to capturing up to six sessions a day per pair of graphic and textual recorders, usually publishing the work at a high level of accuracy and quality within minutes of the session ending and then further improving the quality of the work during the evening.

This allows you to maximise the attention on your event while it is in progress, as well as creating a high-quality long term record.

We can work on-site or remotely, and the drawnalists can work digitally or on paper, creating a visual point of interest through the conference.

The advantage of having both a graphic and textual live capturer working in concert is that we capture the entire breadth of the session, giving attendees and other interested parties a long-term record of the session for later reference, discussion or revision. Elements of the drawnalism can easily be reused for social media channels, and our live capture team are happy to work alongside your own social media team, or we can provide our own experienced in-the-moment social media producers.

Examples of work:

Additional Services

Pre-Event Support

We can assist with a range of pre-event material including:

  • Branding
  • Visual provocations
  • Textual provocations
  • Pre-event videos
  • Social media support

Post-Event Support

We can also help you maintain interest and create deeper relationships with attendees post event, through a range of services, including:

  • Creation of post-event ebooks
  • Creation of summary and reference content
  • Videos derived from in-the-moment capture


Interested? Drop me a line, or contact the good folks at Drawnalism.