Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Strange day today.

I worked in the morning, despite the heat, and fretted over my car, which is in for repair.

I went to a memorial service for a friend from church, who finally lost her long battle with cancer.

I found this online. My child-self, somewhere deep inside, isnโ€™t sure whether to be delighted or horrified.

I wrote about ghosts, which seemed appropriate somehow.

I cooked dinner for my wife, and then walked her to the station and waved her off to visit her Mum. Walking back, I was struck by the mingled aroma of booze, cheap perfume, cheap food and cannabis that is Lewisham on a Friday night. I want a digital smell=recording device, so I can post the scent here. Get to it, technical types.

I wrote some more about ghosts.

Strange day today.

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