Going The Slow Way

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

There’s a fundemantal problem in the Government’s attempts to detach us from our cars. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’m not a great fan of cars and enjoy the opportuinity for a bus ride

I left One Mother’s place in deepest Suffolk at around 4.30pm on Sunday and finally arrived back at One Flat in Lewisham at nearly 9pm. In the car, it takes me just over two hours. That’s over two hours extra for using public transport. Not exactly an inctive is it? Worse than that, it took me six seperate vehicles to get home. Let’s count them shall we?

  1. Mum’s car
  2. Train from rural station to Ipswich
  3. Train from Ipswich to Witham
  4. Coach from Witham to Liverpool Street
  5. Tube from Liverpool Street to Bank
  6. DLR to Lewisham

Now, I could have increased the number by one by going Bank – London Bridge – Lewisham, and it would have shaved maybe 10 minutes off the journey. I could even have walked from Liverpool Street to London Bridge, but none of these option undermine the fundamental point that often a car is a heck of a lot easier than the train. Until we start seeing real, palpable evidence that public transport can get us where we want to go easily, the car will still remain the mode of transport of choice.

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