Reporting the scientifically obvious

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

One Woman, who is a scientist through and through, is of the opinion that the reporting of science in this country is generally rubbish. (My colleagues, former building sharers and fellow Reed employees at New Scientist are an honorable exception in her eyes and mine.) This story from the BBC News site makes the point for her, I suspect.

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Local food ‘greener than organic’:

Local food is usually more �green� than organic food, according to a report published in the journal Food Policy.

The authors say organic farming is also valuable, but people can help the environment even more by buying food from within a 20km (12-mile) radius.

So, transporting food hundreds of miles before we eat it is bad for the environment, huh? Well, geez, guys, thanks for telling us, y’know, we couldn’t have guessed that for ourselves, could we?

Talking of local food, I got some great pictures at Borough market last week, which I really should post here over the weekend.

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