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The Neutrino effect: all your feeds in one file.

This is an insanely good idea:

Fraser Speirs – Neutrino XML – all your feeds in one file.:

What is Neutrino?A Neutrino feed is a collection of pointers to other syndication feeds – say, a blog, Flickr and – all of which belong to one individual. It’s essentially indirection for feeds – point someone at your Neutrino feed and they can then discover your blog feed, your Flickr feed, your feed, and anything else you care to include which you publish and can be syndicated.

I have a blog, a Livejournal, a Flickr account and a (rarely-used) account. All of them are chucking out feeds. To combine them all in one feed so people can get streaming Adam goodness in a single place would just be a fantastic step forward.


(Now, if you can find a way to pull each person’s contributions to a group blog into their Neutrino stream, all the better.

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