Photoblogging the Blasts
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Photoblogging the Blasts

My photography yesterday seems to have attracted rather more attention than I expected. After all, it was mainly shot for friends and family. Here’s a couple of stories that have popped up on the web already:

Digital Imaging Tech Widens Newsgathering –

Adam Tinworth, a London magazine editor and freelance writer, posted several shots from his digital camera on the Internet. Among them: images of blockaded streets and of professionals �trying to do the same thing I was except with a much different camera.�

�I was grabbing photos to give people a feel of what it’s like to be an ordinary person,� Tinworth said.

Open Source � Blog Archive � From London:

Adam Tinworth passed by an older couple this evening, standing by the side of the road, trying to figure out how to get home. �I haven�t caught a bus in years,� said the woman, �but I�m sure I could do it.�

�It�s strange,� says Adam, �when your city becomes a stereotype.�

Adam, who writes One Man & His Blog, lives in Lewisham, in southeast London. We caught up with him on the phone this afternoon to talk about a series of photographs he took in London today.

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