Three Old Men and a Short Skirt

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Hospitals are curious places, and I seem to have spent an awful lot of time in them in recent weeks. However, the best part of hospital visits is that you really do get to see human life in all is raw and ragged variety. From the various sports and DIY injuries cluttering up Lewisham A&E on the weekend when I hurt my foot last year (in a DIY accident, of course) to the chavs invading the surgical ward to visit their car-crash friends at the Norfolk & Norwich while Mum was in for her operation, it’s a little slice of modern society.

Today, I was in the cancer unit of the N&N with Mum again, and sat in front of us was a group of old men, waiting for their wives, and utterly transfixed by the screen in front of them. What was on it? Women’s badminton at the Commonwealth Games. Even in your 80s young women in brief skirts still have their appeal, it seems.

And yes, their attention wavered as soon as the men’s badminton came on. Dirty old sods.

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