Bring Your Own Laptop

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Don Marti business/byol.html:

Meme floating around the IT-analyst-o-sphere: �bring

your own laptop.� Basically treat the employee’s

laptop as you would treat the employees’s pants:

require it, pay the employee enough to buy it,

and provide the infrastructure that works with it,

but that’s all.

About bloomin’ time. I use my personal iBook for work purposes all the time, but IT policies at work prevent me from being able to link in any meaningful way with the work servers while I’m out of the office. The only solution would be to carry two laptops with me, one for work stuff and one for home stuff*.

The sort of approach suggested above would bring businesses’ IT policies into line with the realities of life in the early 21st century and would really make life much, much easier.

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