Fall Down, Go Rocketboom

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

The poster child for the growth in video podcasting (or video blogging, or vlogging, or whatever you want to call it) is in trouble. Rocketboom‘s presenter, writer and producer Amanda Congdon appears to have had a serious falling out with her partner on the site, Andrew Baron, as her most recent posts explain.

Amanda Congdon Unboomed

Business Week has a good analysis of Rocketboom’s financial situation. Business 2.0 examines the phenomenon of a business problem being conducted in public, which is an interesting development in its own right. And Jason Calacanis of AOL-owned Weblogs Inc has made a very public job offer.

Whoa. It’s interesting that not only do the public feel enough of an ownership of Rocketboom that they’re discussing this so much, as the Technorati Tag page shows, but the people involved feel that they can do business in such a public way, too. There’s a fine line between transparency and washing your dirty laundry in public, and I’m not sure which side of the line this business is on yet.

But it sure is entertaining.

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