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Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

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Hugh MacLeod makes some 15 good points about Le Web 3. Here are the two that struck me the most:

I think what some of my fellow bloggers failed to understand is that we bloggers are not his only constituency, and with Le Web 3 Lo�c was trying to put a show on for all of his constituencies, not just our little niche. That explains why he changed the name of the event from Les Blogs to Le Web. That explains the curious mashup of folk that were there: bloggers, techies, VCs, politicians, entrepreneurs, mainstream media etc. Evolution is a good thing. Vive le difference.


I feel that the golden age of �The Blog Conference� is passed. It seems all that needs to be said about blogs has already been said, and said well. Now it�s time to stop talking about the blogs themselves, and start finding new stuff to do with them. Blogs are great, but real life is more interesting. From the way Loic had organized the conference, I think he would agree.

Mucho food for thought there.

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