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Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Anthony Mayfield, who was great company during the Le Web 3, has posted his measured reactions to what happened.

Nicole Simon singles out Orange for criticism about the WiFi in the hall. I’d like to go further than that, because not only did their WiFi in my hotel periodically log me out for no reason, the WiFi in Gare du Nord refused to recognise my week-long account while I was waiting for my train. Really, I will avoid Orange whenever possible in future.

Ewan Spence gives a speaker’s eye view of the problem:

Unfortunately Lo�c Le Muir, the organiser, (�) cancelled my session for another �surprise speaker.� By deciding (for whatever reasons) to provide a platform to the ex-Israeli Prime Minister Shimon Perezm and French Presidential candidates Nikolas Sarkozy and Fran�ois Bayrou, Le Web 3 was turned into a political rally, all the attendees and sponsors will now be used to provide legitimacy for the candidates views, a good number of speakers have not been able to put on a great show, and the general feeling from attendees is as close to a lynch mob that the blogosphere can muster.

Ewan managed to put on a superb show anyway, and I’ll be blogging about that later, as gaming is a subject close to my heart.

Scoble noticed.

And his Naked Conversations co-author has wise words:

Ian, enjoy the conference. Meet people. Share thoughts. I hope the food is better. At the end of the event look back. I have a hunch you will feel you got your 600 Euros worth.

You know, what? I have many criticisms of the conference, but the chance to meet people like Tom and Stephanie and Hugh and Maarten and others made it more than worthwhile for me.

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