It’s my blogday today – it’s been six years since I started One Man & His Blog. And it’s interesting how going back through each “anniversary” post gives me a picture of how much I’ve learnt along the way:

2003: My first post was terrible – [over-written, over self-important and just embarrassing](
2004: I marked my surprise at making a year, with [some evidence that I was still learning](
2005: The anniversary went unmarked this year – but there was a rather [nice snowy picture](
2006: I was going through a bad patch – I didn’t post on the 5th, and when I did post [it was an apology](
2007: An anniversary post brought [an old friend to my blog](
2008: I posted three times that day, and two of those [were videos](
I rather hope I’ll make it to a decade now…