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What RBI's Business Bloggers are saying about the General Election

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So, popping my day job hat on, what have RBI’s pool of bloggers been saying about the general election?
*Estates Gazette*‘s bloggers have been particularly busy:
- The Pint of Milk Test notes that [No.10 Downing Street is heading to HMO (House in Multiple Occupancy) status]( - The Planning Blog frets that [planning is going to be pushed further down the agenda]( - Paul Norman spots that [the minister responsible for the Olympics Legacy fell to the Tories.]( - Jackie Sadeck reveals a past of political protest – [but thinks this is the wrong time for a fight over proportional representation]( 
*New Scientist*‘s**S Word blog thinks that [science lost the election](
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*Community Care*‘s Mad World blog is running a poll on what its readers [want from a hung parliament](, while The Big Picture asks if [more people with learning disabilities voted]( this time around.
*XpertHR *asks if [public sector strikes are inevitable](
*Computer Weekly*‘s Tony Collins notes that the [minister responsible for local service provision contracts lost his seat to the Tories]( by the slimmest of margins.
*Microscope*‘s Simon Quicke thinks [the result is bad for small businesses](
The Asian Chemical Connections blog from *ICIS *bemoans the [lack of personality in politicians]( today. 
And *Farmers Weekly*‘s Matthew Naylor notes that [England has a Tory majority]( – it’s only the devolved Scotland and Wales keeping us hung…
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