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Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Transparancy film

It’s amazing what slowly fades away while you’re busy doing other things. I went essentially fully digital for my photography from around 2004 onwards. About 18 months ago, I came across a cache of un-shot film, and have slowly been working my way though it when I remember and have the time. During our recent break in the Cotswolds, I made the decision to try and shoot the remainder of it.
I had a standard colour negative film, a roll of Kodak Elite Chrome Transparency film, and a roll of Tmax B&W. The latter’s still in the camera, and the colour negatives are being developed locally. The slide film? I’ve had a devil of a time getting it done. One place I visited didn’t understand the difference between [E-6]( and [Kodachrome](, and assured me that it could no longer be developed. Everywhere else said they could do it – but at a three to four week turnaround, as they had to send it overseas. 
So, I’ll be posting it myself. No point in paying a local shop to post it for me. Anyone got any recommendations of good labs in the UK? 
**Bonus link**: [What Slide Film Taught Me]( – spot on. And odd to think this will probably be my last ever roll of slide film. 

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