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An ultrasound scan of a child

The observant will have noticed an unaccustomed silence here for the last week. Apologies, but I’m in full-on “preparations for life upheaval” mode. Our first child is expected to make his/her arrival… well, any time now, in fact. Certainly within the next fortnight.
Pretty much nothing is getting done bar paid work (that new mouth will need feeding…) and preparing our new house for our new arrival. So, posting is likely to be patchy here for the next month or so.
Don’t worry – this is unlikely to become a “daddy blog” once the little one arrives. Whatever I do post about my offspring and my paternal experiences is likely to find its way onto my personal blog, rather than this, my “serious” one. 
In the meantime, think good thoughts for my wife and baby as the birth approaches… Thanks!

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