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Non-operatic males shouting at each other

Brian Micklethwait at the Adam Smith Institute party

It’s been a geological age since I last linked to Brian Micklethwait – and I suspect some of my current crop of readers might find his brand of libertarianism somewhat unpalatable – but I keep on reading him after what must be a decade now because he’s always interesting, and sometimes just brilliant:

So instead I went to the ASI Christmas Party with Goddaughter 2’s glamorous elder sister. When I got there, it was clear that although there were many persons present, there was most definitely room for three more Opera Babes. But, two many mostly very non-operatic males of the species had already signed up to be there, and they needed room to stand around in all-male groups and shout their opinions at each other.

A great tale of music students, goddaughters, the Adam Smith Institute and digital photography…

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