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Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

So, another new blog platform.

For years it felt like we'd narrowed things down to a handful of established blogging platforms, and innovation had slowed to a (relative) trickle.

Now, all of a sudden, we have new blog platforms coming think and fast. Most recently there was Ghost – and now Typed.

I'll say one thing – Typed is simple. It's literally just a form on a page with a few options around it. There's very little here to distract you in any way from writing:

Typed Entry screen

Interesting – I've just discovered that you have to upload the images into the image well to the right, before you can add them to a post:

Typed Image well

No preview option right now – so I can't get a sense of how this will look when I publish. And that's something I enjoy about Ghost. But right now, Typed is looking pretty easy and non-distracting to use – as long as you understand Markdown.

A promising start to the Beta.


I've just been informed that Typed does have a preview mode – you just have to save your post as a draft first to see it:

Typed preview option

It's not particularly intuitive – and forces an extra step on me. I'd really like to see that link there from early in the post creation process – maybe the first time the post auto-saves. Uh, assuming they do auto-save…

This post first appeared on my dead Typed blog, which died when the platform did. I’ve transferred it here for archival reasons.

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