When I started blogging back in 2001, I felt really late to the game. Launching this blog in 2003 felt almost laughably laggardly. And yet now I read that that blog of the man who coined the term blog is less than five years older than mine:

May 2, 1998 proved to be a momentous day for me. I launched https://peterme.com/, with a post about my experiences at CHI 98. That very original page doesn’t exist anymore (I overwrote it to update the navigation on the left-hand side), but the content is there in its full glory.

His perspective of the importance of the blog to his life is resonant, too:

Apart from meeting my wife, having kids, and starting Adaptive Path, there is probably no experience more impactful in my life than that fateful day I created my personal home page.

My entire career and income for the past 11-and-change years is purely down to my decision to start this blog.