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Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Well, here's a thing. This post was going to be the end section of this morning's Engaged Reading Digest - but I send that out as an email, and the embedded post below just did not work with that. At all.

So, I'm spinning the idea off into its own series of posts — but they'll be web-only. (At least, until the Ghost team tweak the send-by-email templates to make embeds work better.)

Let me know what you think.

Full Feed: Brand as social publisher

Eight years ago (eight!) I nearly ended up working as part of this team at the World Economic Forum. In retrospect I'm glad I didn't, but looking at what they've achieved over that period  is quite something.

A decade (or more) ago, people were talking about the idea of brands as media creators in their own right. Very, very few organisations have actually delivered on that promise — and some who had done so have retreated to more traditional marketing. But the WEF has continued to push forward with that vision.

In particular, some of my former students — David Knowles and Charlotte Beale — have given the WEF incredible reach via social videos, delivery punchy, compelling and informative material week after week.

4 countries that are making clean energy a way of life

The future is green. 📕 Read more:

Geplaatst door World Economic Forum op Maandag 16 december 2019

Social Snacks

Other posts on social media that caught my eye.

Time rules for social video

Talking of social video, this is a handy expansion beyond the standard “you have 3 seconds to get someone's attention”.

We'll be looking at stuff like this in much more detail in my social video course next month.

Less is more (traffic)

One of the really odd things about jorunalism's reponse to the growing attention crisis is that we are just producing ever more content — adding to it. Ben's found some good evidence that there are other approaches that work.

Instagram Fact Checking: GO!

Australia is a hellish vision of our future — in more ways than one

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