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A return, a warning, and a question

COVID finally caught up to the Tinworth household

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

It's been quiet around here for the last few weeks. Here's why.

The return

It happened. Inevitably, as my wife has been warning me for years would happen eventually (and as a medical genomics lecturer with a PhD in immunology, she should know…), I got COVID-19. In fact, my entire family got Covid, and have been isolating for a good part of the last fortnight. And yes, that means no children in school, and back to the lockdown-era days of trying to balance work and childcare.

Given that I'm double vaccinated AND boosted, I had pretty mild symptoms — consistent with a middling cold. It pretty much bounced off my yougest, but my eldest daughter and my wife had a tougher time of it. Thankfully, we’re all over it now, and the girls are happily back in school.

But it has meant that I’ve been working the bare minimum I needed to get existing commitments done for the last few weeks, and the blog fell by the wayside.

My apologies.

But that brings me to the…

The Warning

To try to kick my brain back into gear after a fortnight of COVID fug, I intend to write a piece every day this week. Next week, I hope to be back on the normal three times a week schedule.

The Question

Here’s my question for you: is there anything you’d like me to write about? Any aspect of media? Any question you’d like answered? Any recent news you’d like my analysis on?

Hit the comments section below and let me know if you have anything. Or you can drop me an email if you prefer.

While I have plenty of ideas of my own, it’s always more fun to write in response to a request from someone else…


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