Here's the current courses I'm running through All of them are one day courses, held in a training facility near London Bridge station in (unsurprisingly) London. Lunch is provided as part of the ticket price.

Essential SEO Skills for Media Professionals

21st January 2019

After the major change in the Facebook algorithm early in 2018, SEO has become the biggest single referrer to sites, displacing Facebook after five years. Search Engine Optimisation is firmly back on everyone's radar. However, search has changed dramatically over the last few years, and this one day course will get you right back up to speed.

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Audience Engagement Strategies

11th February 2019


(Why yes, I am excited to be running this. Thanks for asking!)

The Facebook algorithm change early in 2018 and its dramatic impact on traffic to many websites has many publishers rethinking their audience strategies. We’ll cover the major referrers — search and social media — as well as ways of engaging more directly with your potential audience through tools like newsletters, podcasts and more. We’ll also explore the risks of depending entirely on social and search, and the new opportunities opening up in more direct approaches.

This is a great companion course to the Online Content Strategies course.

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Essentials Analytics for Media Professionals

27th March 2019

If I have one course that changes the way people work - it's this one. Understanding how to use analaytics well is a critical part of making the most of digital journalism. Without those skills - you're working in the dark about what your readers relaly care about, and how well you're meeting that demand. This intensive course assumes no prior knownledge, and aims to get you confident and compfrtable using analytics in your day-to-day work.

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