God <em>does not</em> hate fags

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

For some reason, that nasty little hate-monger Fred Phelps keeps getting dragged into media coverage of the election of the first openly practising gay bishop, Gene Robinson yesterday. Let’s be clear. However much Phelps yelps and cries that he is a Christian, he is not, any more than a man tucking into a nice, juicy steak is a vegetarian, however much he claims this is the case. One of the simple and most powerful tenets of Christianity is that God loves everyone. We can distance ourselves from God and his love through sin, but he never stops loving us.
As Lilac Rose points out, Phelps and his (family) lackies are nothing more than a standard homophobic hate group, wearing stolen Christian robes. Gary of Country Keepers deconstructs him Biblically in a great post, found via Lee Anne’s such small hands.
As ever, those interested in the debate about the theology of gay marriage in the Christian church are welcome at Kingdom Come.

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