A Tip for the Tip-seekers
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A Tip for the Tip-seekers

Y’know, there’s a danger in asking for donations to help keep your blog running. I blog I read with some regularity started plugging the PayPal tips box fairly frequently. I made my decision not to danate based on the criterion “would I really miss this site if it disappeared?”. The answer was “no”, so I didn’t donate.

Then I got to thinking. If I wouldn’t miss the site if it disappeared, why was I bothering to read it? It’s gone from my list of regular visits. So, in an attempt to make some money from his blog, the writer has lost one reader.

Does it matter? Probably not, if he’s more interested in the money than the readership. However, if readership is important, you do need to be really sure that what you’re offering is worth money to people before you start asking for it.


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