Babyblogs: good or bad?

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

While I’ve enjoyed reading about baby Zoe’s developing life in Karl & Lizzie‘s blogs, I have on occasions felt sorry for her. After all, the whole of her babyhood has been chronicled online in a way that just wasn’t possible while we were young.

It appears that I wasn’t the first to have this thought. The article mashes together two concerns: that the child will humiliated later in life when friends or employers discover the blog, and that paedophiles will discover the site. The latter issue is a serious one, but one that is rapidly turning into the witch hunt for our age. As for the former, I suspect that our children will have a very different take on this than we do. They’ll be familiar with the internet soon after they learn to read. They’re likely to live in a world of pervasive recording equipment, as mobile phones carry better and better digital still and video capabilities.

We’re attempt to gauge their possible reactions by our rather limited perspective. Could it be that kids without childhood blogs will be embarrassed by the lack of parental interest?

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