Hunting the Archetypical Digital Monkey

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Today, I went hunting. You see, I’ve been following Mr Micklethwait’s Billion Monkeys Project closely, and a very fine idea it is, too. As I was looking at his latest image, though, something struck me. There was something missing from his images, something utterly redolent of the digital age.

And so, I took myself off to the prime hunting ground for digital monkey, Trafalgar Square, found myself a good vantage point and prepared my weapon. Hunting was good, as the images below show you:

SLR attractive monkeySLR monkey

However, I still hadn’t found the monkey I was looking for. Oh, I saw one in the distance, but it was far out of range, alas.

Finally, though, just as I was about to give the whole expedition up as a bad job, and head for Charing Cross, I found her. The lady that represents the modern digital monkey, adopting the Digital Monkey Method of picture taking:

Modern Pose Monkey

My hunt was over. My trophies are here.

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