An Urban Dark Age?

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

With May’s GRID on the presses, my sections of the weekly beast we call EG running smoothly (for now), my mind is turning towards plotting out the next few months for both. I had a brief chat with Sir Richard Rogers at a recent breakfast meeting (I did the typical journalist thing of not paying enough attention to the invite, turning up half-awake and bleary eyed and finding myself talking to the Lord Mayor of London before my first coffee), it occurred to me that I need to read around urban theory a little more.

When I find some of my favourite built environment blogs are all talking about the same book, as is a blog I don’t normally associate with urban development issues, I can take a hint. I think I should check out Jane Jacob’s Dark Age Ahead.

Off to Amazon with the corporate credit card…

More thoughts and reactions once I have it. Any other suggestions for my bookshelf?

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