If music be the food of love, download!

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Apple’s new iTunes Music Store in the UK is rocking my world. “I’ve been waiting for something like iTunes and iPod all my life,” said One Woman. “I just didn’t know what it looked like until now.”

One Woman is something of a minimalist, you see. She finds the conflict between her love of music and her desire not to own a metric tonne of plastic discs containing said music to be troublesome. However, now she can have all the music she wants on her slick, minimalist white iMac and her sleek, minimalist white iPod, without the horrible clutters of CDs. Oh, and the music’s a lot cheaper, too (£7.99 an album, 79p for a track).

So, just before we headed out last night, she found and downloaded The Cure’s singles collection Staring at the Sea, and we had a great journey to the dulcet tones of Mr Rob Smith.

The future is here, at 79p a pop.

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