Back in the smoke, back on broadband

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

From this morning’s web travels:

Killing a sacred cow: inequality has got worse under Labour. Remind me again why the Tories are the unremittingly evil ones?

Meanwhile, it look like the low-earning country dweller get taxed more than the high-earning city-dwellers. Of course, there are density issues here which complicate these calculation, and which the BBC neatly skirts around.

Charles Arthur, The Independent‘s computing journalist, has a blog.

Inspector Sands has some great pictures of the remains of the Millennium Experience, held in the Dome back in 2000. What a waste. I went to the dome with One Woman and One Woman’s Mother back in 2000 and had a great time. It’s just a pity that the combination of a cynical media and politicians with no experiences of anything but politics managed to ruin it all. Ah, well.

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