Just to be clear
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Just to be clear

I am not a hunter. I have never hunted, and in all probability will never hunt. I feel no desire to chase a fox to its death with hounds and horses.

However, I hate seen the prejudices of one group of people imposed on another. I hate seeing the urban majority impose their will on the rural minority. I have seeing liberties curtailed. And I hate seeing people’s prejudices against what they perceive to be “posh” people and their ignorance of rural affairs manipulated in this blatant way.

Wake up. Look at the facts. Actually understand the debate.

For those of you naive enough to believe that this is all about the foxes, answer me this:

If this is about animal rights and the protection of animals, why are we still battery farming chickens?

Buy organic. Buy free range. And think about what this ban really represents.


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