Clark County Strikes Back

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

The Guardian came up with an interesting, if rather doomed idea. It sent readers the addresses of residents of Clark County, a part of the US that many feel will be critical in the upcoming election, and encouraged them to write and say how much everyone (well, every *Grauniad *reader) hates Bush..

Mmm. Encouraging residents of one country to interfere in the elections of another, one that threw us out with pointy sticks and bang guns some centuries back. Anyone see why this might have been an unwise idea?

A few locals have made their feelings known, and The Guardian has taking the admirable steps of posting a good cross-section to its website:

Dear Limey Asshole

A quick read through the comments suggests that many Democrats feel vindicated, many Republicans have been driven into a frothing rage, and that more than a few Americans have been amused enough to write some rather pithy satire. It’s enjoyable to anyone except those who *really *thought this idea would work.

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