Seven Degrees of Lunch

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Ever get bored with the same round of blogs you read? I was feeling that way this lunchtime, so I decided to blog surf to seven blogs, starting with one on my list of links on the right (which I must get around to expanding and updating). The only rule was that the link to the next blog must be found somewhere on the first, and only the first was allowed to be a regular visit blog.

OK, I started with February 30th, the first link on my links list, who is quiet for personal reasons. That lead me to The Inside Of My Head, which has a nice piece about the protester that’s lived outside the House of Commons for the past three years. Blunkett wants to get rid of him with legislation.

The article was cross-posted to That’s an interesting political site that I’d not come across before, so I added it to Bloglines. Sadly, it also seemed a dead end in terms of blog links, until it noticed the various authors are all linked to their own sites. Onwards!

One of the authors was Richard Hodkinson, who has a blog at I have an aversion to sites which literally give you the bird on the front page, so I didn’t linger. I resorted to comments on one entry for a link and found mamamusings, the blog of Elizabeth Lane Lawley. I spent a good while reading her blog, and found the pictures of the memorial to soldiers killed in Iraq on Long Beach quite moving. Into her public Bloglines subscriptions for my next link.

My discovery? Girlwonder, who posts about the issue of mobile technology and the suburbs. Given my professional interest in the link between technology and the built environment (ie, I write about it) this caught my eye. I’ll be wandering back to this site again.

My last leap was from Molly’s extensive list of links. It took me to Interaction Design Hub Blog and an interesting piece on the social aspects around mobile phones.

Here ends my first Seven Degrees of Lunch.

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