The Great Fence of Lewisham

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Mercator FenceThe Mercator Estate, very near One Flat, my humble abode, has recently developed a striking new look. How could I resist popping out to take a quick photo of it? A fine example of the penal school of architecture, the new fence has given the recently-refurbished estate that much sought-after “concentration camp” aesthetic that’s so popular in urban design circles these days.

Snarking aside, I do realise that there are some serious crime issues around the estate (and in the near vicinity, I might add), but was this really the best way to deal with them? It’s ugly, it’s brutal and, frankly, I’m less than convinced that it’d actually keep the determined little brats that make up much of the crime problem around here out.

Time will, as always, tell, but I’m not holding our much hope.

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