Reject 2: Down to the Woods

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Down to the WoodsI’ve no clear recollection of this one being take at all. It sat, uncomfortably, amongst a selection of pictures of a French beach holiday, without any meaningful reference or context.

Once I’d scanned it, the image that sprang into my mind was a still from a Blair Witch Project-style horror movie, so I worked to enhance the effect with the application of increased grain, some color balancing and a fiddle with the picture’s levels. The net result wa sthe rather spooky image here. The trees are strikingly prominent, compared to the original, and look nicely twisted around. The mysterious light on the bottom left rather pleases me, too.

I’m impressed with the result, even if the 10 year old who took the original would have hated it. It looks like a picture that could happily illustrate a horror short story, probably something about werewolves, in fact.

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