A note for classical music fans

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

Bad Gracenote work

There is a group of classical music fans out there that are currently the bane of my life. These people, despite having a fine ear for music, are morons. They are completely incapable of differentiating between �artist�, �composer� and �track�. For example, Beethoven is not a �track�, he’s a composer. So, when entering the details of one of his symphonies into your music software, you should put his name in the �composer� slot, not the �track� slot. Equally, putting the track name into the �artist� slot just confuses things further.

Now, to be charitable, you could assume they have a quirky, idiosyncratic labeling system for their MP3s, that makes sense to them. That’s as may be. But, even allowing for that, why upload your quirky, idiosyncratic and just plain wrong information to Gracenote so that every other poor blighter who sucks down your information from the CDDB is forced to spend 10 minutes correcting your idiotic work?


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