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Lewisham's a rotten borough?

Committed contrarians, protestors and activists’ news site Indymedia has decalred Lewisham a “rotten borough” because it’s allowing developers to build on part of Deptford Park:

The Rotten Borough of Lewisham is failing its local community with its planning policy, with its housing policy. It is though the developers best friend, providing ideal development opportunities. In practice it is no different to many other Councils that fail to act in the best interests of the local community but are quick to provide development and get rich quick opportunities for property developers.

Ah-ha! Nasty council and eeeevil developers in league again!

Of course, there’s almost certainly another side of this story, and I note that Indymedia only links to its own news stories, and a handful of other protest-related sites.

Any comments Councillors Brown or Milton?

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