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Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth
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Lorna with the sequencer, originally uploaded by Adam Tinworth.

On and off, over the last few weeks, Lorna has been on stage at the ICA. This wasn’t the result of some sudden outbreak of thespian talent, but rather part of a science/art crossover project called Genes Talking.

I finally did my dutiful husband bit and turned up to see her at work in the ICA theatre on Monday. I was impressed.

To be frank, my history with the ICA isn’t great. In my days as a student film and theatre reviewer, I remember spending some excruciating nights at the place, watching art that I lacked the context or desire to appreciate.

This was different. The explanation of the science at work was clear, concise and comprehensible. The contrast between the black walls and the bright white of the lab equipment gave the feeling of people working at the edge of knowledge, even if the effect was, according to the organiser, entirely unintentional. This was good stuff: contemporary art I could relate to.

A double win: not only do I understand better what my wife does with her days back at her real lab, but I’ve also gained a new desire to see what else the ICA has coming up.

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