Sex In Mind
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Sex In Mind

I’ve been too busy to blog for a few days. On Friday, I was playing wedding photographer for a couple of friends at the Middle Temple Hall in London, and the weekend was given over to home and marriage things. But I’m back. And I’d like to talk about sex.

There was an entertaining show on the Beeb last night, called Secrets of the Sexes. At time it slipped into clich�, but there was some fascinating information in there. For example, based on the relative sizes of my ring and index fingers, I know that my Mum deprived me of testosterone in the womb at about three months. Oh, and as a result I’ll never be a great sprinter. (Mind you, at 33, I’m probably a bit old now.) I’m also likely to have poor hand-ey co-ordination – which might explain why I’m rubbish at computer games and never made the school cricket team.

However, the most interesting bit was the way people vary from the baseline of their sex. Based on the series of tests you can take on the BBC website, overall, I’m an absolutely average male. However, in a few places I’m extremely on the male side (bad on object-in-environment, great at conceptualising objects in 3D), and I have some hyper-femanine characteristics to balance them (very high empathy). Good stuff. Give it a try.

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