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I was musing on this post earlier. Brian’s point is that, in the long term, pictures of the mundane are at least as interesting as the unusual or the artistic. And he’s right.

One of the things I love about Flickr, the photo-sharing site, is that the balance of �art� to �mundane� is heavily biased towards the mundane. You see just as many pics of the everyday as you do specifically crafted examples of photographic art. It’s becoming a huge repository of images of the way we live today.

Furthering the idea, I started looking around the London groups, looking at the balance of ordinary versus art postings, and getting an idea of how the everyday streetscape was being recorded. I couldn’t help but notice that Lewisham wasn’t well represented at all. So, I created a Lewisham group on Flickr. Go, join, post pictures of Lewisham borough. You know it makes sense.

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