Today, my life turned into a bad episode of Casualty. I was carrying some broken tiles down the stairs, to load them into the car, and somehow my foot missed the step, and I fell.


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Swelling foot

The sensation of your foot bending under you is not a pleasant one.

I eventually managed to crawl back upstairs, and watched my foot swell up over the next few hours. The photo was taken when it just started swelling. It got a lot bigger than that. Eventually, it got too big to ignore, so we caught a taxi to A&E at Lewisham hospital. After an hour of waiting, accompanied by Songs of Praise’s The Nation’s Top Ten Hymns and surrounded by multiple sports injuries, I was seen by a nurse, who sent me straight off for an x-ray. 45 minutes later, I had an attractive photo of the inside of my foot, the reassurance that nothing was broken, orders not to put any weight on the foot for three days, and a snazzy pair of crutches.

And I had to go up the stairs to the flat backwards on my bum. Dignified, this is not. Oh, boy, the next week is going to be fun.