A Note to David Davis

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth


You may be under the impression that Lord Tebbit is supporting you in your bid to become Conservative Party leader. Indeed, he claimed to be representing you when he spoke on the Today programme this morning. I regeret to inform you, having listened to the broadcast, that he is, in fact, a mole for the Cameron camp. After all, why else would he launch into an ill-judged, ill-informed and ill-timed rant at the presenter of the show? Why else would he base that attack on something that was provably wrong? And which the presenter was able to correct within seconds?

Lord Tebbit did a fine job of jolting me back to the days when Tony Blair seemed like the sort of guy that you’d want running the country, and even long term Tory voters wanted them out of office for a good, long while. Congratulations, you are now associated with the Tory era everyone wants to forget, so even if you do win, no-one who heard that interview will vote for you.

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