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links for 2006-04-05

  • Like, but for photos. My visit was slightly spoiled by the foot fetishist who had obviously been hard at work bookmarking his favourite “sources of stimulation”.
    (tags: [bookmarks]( [photos]( [social](
  • Hmmm
    (tags: [online]( [publishing]( [revenue](
  • Interesting comparison of the Friendster and MySpace phenomenonononons. (I really need a spell checker that works in my work PC’s browser.)
    (tags: [social]( [web]( [networking]( [myspace]( [friendster](
  • Positive spin on the recent Scoble/Amazon blogfight
    (tags: [blogging]( [publishing]( [business]( [blogosphere](
  • The politicians are getting twitchy
    (tags: [politics]( [podcasting]( [media]( [publishing](

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