Not a World Cup-free Zone

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

World Cup fflI was going to declare this blog a World Cup-free zone. I’m one of those guys who was born without the football gene, and I just don’t care about it. In fact, with a few exceptions, I tend to feel that sport is something you play, not something you watch. And so, I thought I’d announce my intention to vigourously ignore the whole thing.

Unfortunately, I got coerced into creating a fantasy football team for the championship by one of my colleagues and now I’m starting to care in an abstract way. I’m not actually watching the matches, but I do know who is playing, and check the results afterwards. I suppose it’s a bit like going to greyhound racing: you don’t give a damn until you place a bet, and then you really care.

So, if I’m discussing the benefits of the 7-11 formation (or whatever. I don’t know) in a fortnight’s time, you’ll know what’s happened.

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