Notes from the Weekend

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth

What a week it’s been. I can’t go into details just yet, but I’m more excited about what’s happening right now than I have been since, well, my wedding I suppose.

Excitement is good. Mystery is good. My workload right now isn’t – but that’ll calm down, or at least mutate in a pleasing way, soon enough. So, just as last week was a light blogging week, expect intermittent and quota posts in the week to come, too.

However, I couldn’t let the weekend finish without posting a couple of pictures from the family weekend in Suffolk. I had two great opportunities for shooting candids; one at a local charity fund-raising do, and one at a food fair. While more of them will appear on Flickr shortly (courtesy of Fraser‘s newly-released FlickrExport 2, these are fine tasters. The chap below (and the chillis in the earlier post) was snapped at the food fair:

Eating Man in Halesworth

While this shot of my brother Mark calling a raffle was grabbed at the charity event:

Mark calls the raffle


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