Vox-up: the good and the bad

Adam Tinworth
Adam Tinworth


Good news and bad on Vox, which is Six Apart‘s new blogging platform from talking to friends and family rather than publishing to the world. I was kindly provided with an invite to Vox’s starter level, which allows you to read protected entries and comment, but not write your own blog, a level I can see many of my own family using.

So far, I’m very impressed. It’s easy to use, it has the sort of features within your profile people in the target market are likely to want and the design is friendly and adult, in a good way.

The bad news is that my account has suddenly stopped working. My user page is still up here, but the site is steadfastly refusing to let me log in. The password retrieval refuses to even acknowledge that the e-mail I used to sign-up is in its database.

Ah, well. Vox is pre-release. I’m sure these things will be sorted before it goes live.

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